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Property Parade

Our Property Parade is a web-based slide show that features your listings. It can be run on any computer screen and placed in your store front or office’s waiting room. No more messy walls of paper and flyers. Your slideshow will be sure to look classy and attract walk-up traffic. Click here to see it in action.

  • Never needs to be manually updated.
  • Your template is created to suit your needs.
  • 100% web-based.

Please contact us today to get started.


AdWrite is our ad writing system. It is available to third parties that wish to integrate AdWriter’s automated ad writing within their own software. It writes “intelligent” ads that are based on in-depth research and our unique Epilog ad writing engine. It can be integrated with your software and works off of your database. Ads can be created in English or two dialects of Spanish. Please contact us for more details.


Our Externet system is like a browsable online magazine of your listings. Your information is automatically downloaded from The Re/Ad System or The AdVantage System. It can help drive traffic back to your website, and can be published in English or Spanish. By utilizing large color photos and customized ads, complete with essential details, the Externet moves buyers along faster in their home-seeking quest by identifying similar properties and allowing the buyer to easily compare similar homes.